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INFO 1500 Web Development Class - Spring 2023

Front - Students: Amy Kinney, Kelsey Smith, Darren Warren, Jacob Smith, Ethan Wilson. Back - Students Barrett Shea, Dakon Wilson, Craig Shaw

    Instructor Experience

  • "I'm really proud of the work that this group of students have produced! This is their first web development course in our program and the teamwork and creativity is very impressive." — Craig Shaw
  • Student Experience

  • "I learned a lot about creating websites and using bootstrap through this experience. It is crazy to see how much work goes into the smallest aspects of website." — Amy Kinney
  • "I have really enjoyed the program and have learned a lot from it. It is a great hands on and technical learning experience and gained first hand experience of what development is like." — Jacob Smith

  • "I learned a lot throught this class and gained a lot of hands on experience in creating websites. This class was very eye opening about what job I could do in the future." — Kelsey Smith
  • "I learned a lot with building the website. It allowed me to understand more coding by being able to change the code and seeing what was happening." — Dakon Wilson
  • "The Developer class has given me great knowledge of beginning programming skills. These skills have helped me and will continue to help me with my future in my IT career." — Barrett Shea
  • "Central Community College Information Technology has taught me many things in the IT field. With the knowledge I have gathered so far I know I will have the ability to go out in the world and use what I have learned here." — Ethan Wilson
  • "The web development class was a fun and engaging class that didn't just teach me how to make a website but also gave me the tools to be able to teach my self more in the future." — Darren Warren
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