Information Technology & Systems


Chris Barton

Director of Software Architecture:
Client Platforms at Gallup Inc

The Central Community College Information Technology program provided me with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the ever-evolving world of technology. The program's emphasis on hands-on experience allowed me to gain practical skills that I could immediately apply to real-world situations.

Shayne Raitt

General Manager / Director of Operations Company: Computer Hardware Inc.

I graduated from CCC with a degree in Data Processing. This education opened the door for many opportunities including the current position that I am in. I have currently been with Computer Hardware for over 35 yrs.

Nate Seberger

IT Support Specialist at AMUR

IT Support Specialist at AMUR CCC helped me develop industry-specific skills while learning with professional and expert instructors. The best part about CCC is the hands-on approach they instill into their curriculum, allowing students to learn skills, typically seen in the field, right in the classroom. Students here are exposed to rising technologies through continuous improvements to the curriculum set in motion by local industries searching for the best candidates fit for tomorrow's needs today.

Peggie Chessmore

Instructional Technology Support

Peggy Chessmore graduated in May 2000 with an Associate Degree in Information Technology, specializing as an Integrated Application Systems Specialist. She went on to receive her Bachelors and Master Degrees from Belleview University in Business Information Systems and Leadership, respectively. Starting in January of 2000 she starting working with the newly forming online courses in the Learning Support Services (LSS) office on the Hastings Campus of Central Community College. Peggy is starting her 18th year of working in the LSS office as an Instructional Technology Specialist.

Teena Jones

ITT Service Center Team Lead Company: Nebraska Public Power District

Central Community College grads offer well rounded social skills, modern technologies, and are ready to go into the workforce as we need them.

Austin Shaw

Systems Analyst

Austin Shaw received his Associate Degree in Information Technology – Developer and is a Systems Analyst for Mid-America Computer Corporation. He develops a desktop application for telephone companies that manages over 750,000 customers. The application also turns on phone and internet lines, and sends out their bills. He works with a team of 6 other developers. The application is coded in Delphi (which is similar to C#) and connects to a SQL Server Database. They also have a web app that connects to the same database as the desktop app, but with limited functionality. The web app is coded in C# and uses MVC software architecture. What he does on a daily basis is develop new functionality for their software, as well as analyze and design solutions for proposed changes. He also tracks down and repairs defects, and researches new technologies that will benefit their customers and integrates those upgrades into the existing software.

Michael DeKay

Information Technology Alumni

Information Technology is not the same this year as it was last year. It always changes. It’s always going to be rewarding and it’s always going to be difficult. But the reason you do it here, is because the people here are just so good at teaching it.

Devin Burch


CCC has given me the opportunity to reinvent myself and my future. In the nearly two years I've spent working towards a degree in Information Technology and Systems Development, I've learned so much and grown as a both a student and a soon-to-be software developer. The affordable program allowed me to focus on my education rather than worrying about how I would support myself while paying for college. Thanks to the dedication of the instructors and staff at CCC, I feel ready to move on to a great paying job in a field I've grown to love. What more could you ask for?

Simeon Burns

Business Owner

I graduated the IT program at CCC in 2009. After graduating I worked at Hastings Utilities for almost 5 years. During that time, I continued to progress and develop, using the skills I learned at CCC. In 2014 I took a job at Xpanxion in Kearney, NE, where I worked with a team at Sony, building automated tests for one of their internal web applications. A couple years later, in 2016, I started my own software development consultancy and have been doing that ever since. These days I primarily work with Ruby on Rails, EmberJS and Cucumber. I think the most important thing I learned at CCC was how to think critically and problem solve. In my experience in the IT field (specifically software development), that is one of the most important skills to possess. You can learn a new language or tool by watching YouTube or just simple trial and error. But if you can’t solve problems and debug properly, then the new languages aren’t that useful.

Dustin Johnson

IT Administrator

I was a student at CCC Hastings from 1998 to 2000. It was a great place to learn and prep for future endeavors. The instructors were always easy to talk to and always willing to help. I took computer hardware and language base classes during my time there. After I graduated I went on to work for AxtellTech a small wireless ISP. Then in 2001 I jointed Platte Valley Communications as a Computer Technician and later becoming the IT Administrator, managing a team of IT and Security Technicians. We manage small business IT infrastructure; everything from running bulk cabling to server administration. We also install a full array of Access Control, Surveillance, and Security Systems. These days the line in between IT and Security is pretty thin.
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